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AmericanAirlines Arena is an indoor medium-small venue in Miami. The venue opened in 1999 and is used for basketball.

Naming History

  • AmericanAirlines Arena (1999-Present)

Tenants and Events

Tenant League Served as Start End Usage Origin Fate
Miami HEAT National Basketball Association Majority home venue (1999-2000)
Sole home venue (2000-01--2018-19)
Regular season great majority home venue (2019-20)
1999-2000 2019-20 Regular season games:
28 games (1999-2000)
41 games per season (2000-01--2010-11)
33 games (2011-12)
41 games per season (2012-13--2018-19)
32 games (2019-20)
Total regular season games:
831 games
Postseason games:
98 games
Total games:
929 games
Moved mid-season from Miami Arena Continuing
Miami SOL Women's National Basketball Association Sole home venue 2000 2002 Regular season games:
16 games per season (2000-2002)
Total regular season games:
48 games
Postseason games:
One game
Total games:
49 games
Expansion franchise Folded